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| Seattle Design Festival 2017: POWER - Photographers

September 8th - 30th, 2017
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Volunteers play an essential role in the Seattle Design Festival. Volunteers receive free access to designated events. By signing up to volunteer with Design in Public at the Seattle Design festival you will also receive a copy of the Design in Public Volunteer Policy, to be signed and returned upon receipt.


By signing up for a volunteer photographer slot you agree to the following waiver:
We ask that you submit a minimum of 25 of your best images to the Seattle Design Festival Flickr Pool. Images should be free of any logos or watermarks. The minimum suggested size for these images is 2048 x 1530 px. We ask that photographs be uploaded as soon as they are available, no more than 2 days following an activity or event, and that files contain the following information: date, event name, and photographer name.

By submitting these photos to the SDF Flickr pool, you grant Design in Public a non-exclusive, creative commons license, CC-BY-NC, to document the proceedings and publish images and comments in any media now or hereafter known, including but not limited to: broadcast on television, broadcast online, publication in print and online newspapers and magazines, and Design in Public sponsored exhibitions of the work. Use of images by Design in Public will include attribution and be non-commercial (not to be resold or redistributed to 3rd parties). Design in Public will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such use. Any comments attributed directly to you will be submitted for your approval before any such inclusion. If you prefer, you will have the option to upload photos using the Design in Public Flickr account; email Kevin Golden at kevin@golden.is for access. The Flickr pool is at link.designinpublic.org/FestivalPhotos.


Design in Public and the Participants may alter these arrangements by advance agreement. Please contact Design in Public promptly with any questions or concerns, or to advise of any changes affecting participation in the program. Cancellation of the program by Design in Public relieves Design in Public and the Participant of obligations and of any payment of expenses.
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